-Ed Murillo

Managing Director, Apex Shutters and Blinds

For over 22 years Apex Shutters and Blinds has been manufacturing Australian made bespoke high quality handmade shutters for domestic and commercial market. Flawless craftsmanship, fast delivery and a warranty so your shutters are attractive, functional and made to last unlike many of the cheaper products on the market.

QUALITY TIMELESS SHUTTERS. We are a proudly Australian owned company, specializing in locally made handcrafted, bespoke shutters made from the finest materials. We are passionate about manufacturing and woodworking and combine these two loves to create the highest quality, unique, and beautiful products. The passion, meticulous and unmatched attention to detail that is put into each individual product, puts Apex in a class of perfection. Most large mass-producing companies drop the ball when it comes to attention to detail, but this is precisely where Apex shines. Our biggest buzz is seeing the customer’s reaction to the end pro duct. What matters to us is the creation of a piece of art that can be passed on for generations – a product that’s timeless.

We offer the best quality custom measured shutters:

Cedar Timber
Western Red Cedar (Weathered & Industrial Shutters)

These array of paramount quality products are to purposely suit all types of homes, commercial offices & holiday accommodation resorts. Specializing in manufacturing durable, high quality window shutters, sliding door, multi & bifold door shutters.

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Jay Canonigo is a Life Coach and Art Voyager and is writting articles in various websites on his sparetime. Currently Jay is the general manager and owner of Gest General Construction.

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