ONLY THE IMAGINATION SETS BOUNDARIES: Craftsmanship never goes out of style and few others can deliver the bespoke hand-made Mosaic Artistic Tiles and custom-made pieces Apex. Using only the finest materials, our wide range and various colours, a piece can be put together any way our customers wants. Our customers, retailers and collaborators are long-time friends who appreciate the fact that authenticity and craft can never be replicated. The stories that go into each piece are all unique to the owner; each piece is truly customisable and personal. At Apex, we have a unique and creative approach to art and design. With our relentless and lateral thinking attitude, we will help you realize your wildest ideas. We help you design and build the mosaic artistic tile that is suited to your decor. Nothing beats the texture and warmth of natural materials in our homes, the grain and tones in tiles can warm up and bring life to spaces.

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